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Gift of Grace

Christian Inspirations

Gift of Grace is a collection of inspirational Christian poetry intended to uplift and offer joy, peace, and hope while bringing praise to our Lord Jesus Christ, the creator of our hearts and souls, the wonderful Savior who redeems and blesses us with grace that is more beautiful than any poem or book could ever portray. These selections are inspired by the love of our precious Savior and truly are gifts from his spirit. Without a doubt, he is the soul’s greatest blessing, and when he went to the cross he taught us the true meaning of love that is unconditional. When he rose from the tomb that glorious day, he brought with him the answer to our heart’s greatest pursuit, the search for the Messiah, the One who would save us from our sins and bring us joy and peace within. With the poems provided in Gift of Grace, I hope to emphasize the miraculous love found in the world’s most precious Son, Jesus—Savior of the world!

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