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Read some of my poetry


Pieces of My Soul



Like the melody
   That whispers through me
      As you play with words and grace
    Intimacy that fills my thoughts
Joy which lifts me up

Like the breath
   Beneath my prayers
     Sighing with inspiration
   Fulfilling my dreams
Light from a heartbeat

Like the smile
   Lingering on my soul
      Opening my heart, my mind
    To the hope that comes from knowing
Love like this is eternal

Like the kiss
   Filled with bliss
     Kind and gentle, sentimental
   Caressing my thoughts
With a silent warmth

Like the embrace
   Caressing my spirit
      Singing of laughter, elation
   Awakening my mind
To the love that is alive inside

Like a promise
   You light up my world
      With kindness and beauty
   Feelings I can’t replace
You are my wonder, my thanks….

You are the reason I can say
   Love is the answer
     Love is the key
   Love is the satisfaction
Living inside of me and I believe…

Love is everything!

Notebook and Pen


Light falling gently
Through naked limbs
In whispers so tender
It reminds me of Him

Breaking through the indigo skies
Like dewdrops, glistening, listening
Son shines down on soft Autumn times
As pretty leaves cascade from heaven

Fiery scarlet, tangerine and gold
Feathery crisp charms from the maples
Painting the earth in faith, hope and love
Dancing through crisp, spicy winds

Like a touch of God’s hand, His finger
Caressing the soul with a tenderness
That leaves the heart aflame, so bright
Vibrant and bold like the colors so old

As the Son kisses the oaks and the birch
Meeting the emerald pine with a hope
For more of this beauty falling on our world
Surrounding our souls with God’s love

It’s the kiss of Autumn’s birth
Lingering for moments on the earth
To enchant the spirit and comfort the soul
With a light that rests on those who listen
To the unconditional love He is giving!

Autumn’s birth is the time for remembering
God has blessed us with more than mere seasons
He has blessed us with tenderness, kindness, feeling
Brought to life by those moments when we’re wonderstruck!

Keep believing!!!

Writing by the Water


On a cold November morning
Frost wrapped the world in an ashy hue
Sucking the heart from silence
As an optimistic sun gazed through
Naked branches of oak and maple

Peeking through the limbs of gray
Lighting the indigo skies with grace
Dancing, flowing, praising
In waves of enchantment, such riches
Radiating warmth and awaking
The crackle of leaves, stunned
By the bitter air, the chilling stare
Of freezing sparkles on thoughts
Met by the luster of dawn

Revelations caress the mind
Of those who listen to the pulsations
Rumbling through the thoughts
Echoes of dreams, dulled
By reality’s dark plans for the one
Who listens to shadowy feelings
Deprived of hope or faith
Lingering on the edges of silhouettes
Who dread the moment, stirring
To life – the sense of delight
Inspiration and insight
Peppering the darkness in joy
Pleasures like seeds who’ll be growing
Love, the anointing
Of a life full of glory

A frosted November Sunday
Breathless and murky with hues
Of obscure inklings twinkling
Like the hesitating stars
On a quiet night
Flooded with desires, dreams
Amazed by the creation
Blessed by His presence
Even here – among the thorns
Who hasten to bite soft flesh
With frozen barbs, like wire
Bringing the ooze
Of crimson flowing over
Icy cool thoughts
Enriching the heart
With feelings from a deep
Longing, a need
For the belief that imagines
Love is forever
A never ending feeling
Forever giving
Never leaving
Always satisfying

On a cold and vibrant November morning
Love melts the heart
Who is yearning for the promise
Of a feeling that brings
Joy beyond words, more alive
Than the dance that inspires
Poets to write, artists to paint
As hearts unite
To share their life!