Hope surrounds me, lights my thoughts

With beauty and kindness, grace

That is like a feather whispering, surrounding

Me with joy so alive that I breathe

Its tender affection, its intimate belief

The honesty of such brilliant peace

Hope colors me in hues of mystery

Warms my soul with overflowing love

Enlightens and encourages, relieves

Eases the worries, the fears that haunt

Sings to me of happiness that is alive

Healing my pain, erasing the shadows

That dissuade and bring doubts

Into my spirit where I need to remember

It is the light of His promise that fills me

With unending courage, anticipation

Dreams that come to life in His sight

Blessings so alive they inspire my prayers

Urge my heart to listen to the sighs

Shimmering mercy through my cries

Hope lasts and is louder than the night

Reflecting wonders that confide

Gifts of inspiration and imagination

Insight into the psalms who provide

Reassurance – comfort and strength

Amid the darkness and the weakness

The penetrating unease, the worries

Agonizing floods of overflowing dread

To be consoled by the fires that blaze

Amazing and awesome, guiding souls

Inviting perfect acceptance from the One

Who knows me better than anyone

Hope so alive it dances, swirling like leaves

In the autumn sun – spinning a yarn

Life poured out by the Son who abides

On the inside, forever our guide, our light

Inspiring and loving, tender and giving

Reminding the soul that without Him, His love

We don’t know what it is to truly live

To feel the grateful flow of a love that overflows

With intimacy, inspiration, tenderness

Feelings so beautiful they brighten the heart

Vibrating and trembling through the spirit

With a light so brilliant it surprises even those

Who know that He is love and He glows

Brighter than the sun because He is the SON

Who invites souls to shine their light…

So everyone knows – He saves those

Who believe in Him completely!

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