A Good, Good Father

Silent, like the moments

Just after snow

Sighs through the still, dark night

Reflecting moon and stars

Hurrying to touch the ground

Smiling, like the break of day

When sunshine breathes

A kiss against the naked face

Whispering gentle wishes

Through the light that strokes

Tender, like a prayer

Kindly, like the psalms

Embracing the heart, the soul

With an intimacy, a vibrant

Hue of grace and music

Promising to baptize hopes

In laughter, lingering

Joy that is so beautiful

It inspires the spirit to dance

Warmly, like the color of fire

Flames risking their blaze

On the wonder of singing praise

To the Creator, the maker

Of everything there is – each tree

Each dream – each in between

Breathlessly, like the rain

Falling softly on the flowers

Stirring them to life

Preparing buds to bloom, alive

As a vibrant hue of grace

Beckoning from its place

Olive stems portraying faith

Love, like the One who brings life

To every soul, each hope,

Even the dreams listen in peace

To the One who makes us each one

Aware of His wonder, His compassion

The way He gives without expectation

The way He lives in the spirit, accepting

Everyone who comes to Him, humbly

Willing to repent and give to Him

A spirit of contrition – finding satisfaction

In the glory of His gift, His grace

The salvation that is His gift

Praising Him…

I will never forget where I’ve been

Or how HE brought me out of the darkness

Into the light of a new day, a new way

His love is like the love of a Father

Even more – He is the best Father of all

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