A Hand To Hold

When fears and sorrows

Cause me to weaken,

Sometimes falling…

He picks me up, carrying me

On toward the promised land

When I’m so tired and faint

I can’t seem to find the strength

Or the courage I need

To move on toward the victory

He lifts my thoughts, my soul

So that I know I can make it home

When doubts and confusion

Drown out the voice of inspiration

Leaving me with a feeling of grief

In the darkness of exasperation

He pours out His tender hope

To help me find a way to cope

When darkness falls all around

And there is no peace to be found

I struggle with my despair

The paralyzing dread that reminds me

I am stuck in this place so black

It is then… that He whispers to my heart

Wait for me, my child and sing

Praises to the Son who will guide you

To a place of solace, a second chance

The grace that penetrates every shadow

When I feel so sad and alone

Like I can’t find my way home

And the path of love is gone

He silences the despair and gloom

With a love that abides in my soul

When I can’t find my way

And all I can do is pray

It is enough to say that I’ll be ok

If only He’ll be there for me

A light that pours out before me

Reflecting the wonder and grace

That comes from calling out to Him

The One who brings hope, faith and love

A joy that silences every threat

The grace that lifts up my spirit

So that I know He is always with me

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