A Humble Heart

She was always meek and mild

Mannered… like a smile

Filling up the room with pleasure

Gentle faith and quiet joy

Inspiring hearts to listen to the One

Who speaks in the stillness

And lights up the entire heart

With beauty so alive

It pours hope through the soul

Silences the busyness

Colors the air in hues of brilliance

She whispered to the mind

Who echoed her delight

In creativity and revelation

Music in notes of appreciation

Kindness falls from her pores

As she faces the weary

Thoughts of despair, in prayer

For the grace to face

Every moment of bleakness

With mercy and thanksgiving

She calms the stormy emotions

Tones of warmth on the surface

Of cool, clear thoughts

A wandering imagination, expectations

Living amid the stardust hopes

Enchanting passions

With knees bent to pray

Leaving darkness and dread

Falling in the shadows

Penetrating the intimate rays

Of laughing sunshine

She delights in the truth

Welcomes the music of courage

Strengthening the composure

Of the heart who knows her

Sees her goodness, her godliness

Beauty mesmerizing, bright

Desires playing with the edges

With a caress, embracing

The details of her love, her praise

Her abundant, believing, faith

She is the hint of splendor

Amid the dead leaves in Autumn

Falling gracefully, lightly

Over a bed of wildflowers in vibrant

Rich blushes of lilac and rose

Healing hearts with tangerine dreams

And crimson ideas, themes

Born on the moments of Spring

Lifting away the dry, arid sarcasm

Of a Summer drought, the way

Some other woman might weep

When the Fall gives way to white peaks

Her heart and soul make me know

Love like this is beyond words

It is light and laughter and living

It is grace and glory and giving

It is the answer to a solemn prayer

It lifts the melancholy whispers

Of glossy tears, fears that come

From the heart who listens to worry

And never knows the certainty

God is there forever, eternally

Giving His love to those who know

He is the One we’re living for!

Proverbs 31:10

King James Version

10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

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