A Hypocrite

Visiting a church

Doesn’t assure the world

That you are a light,

Your heart – with God, it’s right

Speaking some words

Even though they may be good

Doesn’t assure the world

That you’re living for the Lord

Listening to a sermon

Without ever changing the heart

Never giving back – never giving hope

Promises the world

That you are someone

Who is a pretender – don’t you remember

God knows what you are

Inside, where no one else breathes…

He reveals the true spirit!

It takes more than church, words or preaching

To change a heart, a life, a believer

It takes an honest and sincere hearer

Listening without deceiving – never pretending

Always remembering to pray for His will

Believe in His gift, the whisper of grace…

It takes more than just a walk to the alter

It takes genuineness, authenticity…

Belief that is sincere and gives God the praise

It takes earnestness, seriousness…

Belief that is alive and survives the test of time

It takes heartfelt conviction and openness..,

Belief that promises to follow Him always - everywhere!

Read Jeremiah 7:1-4

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