A Silent Tear

Reflected in the stardust moment

On the edge of the darkest thought

Whispering peace, patience, promise

Gentle sighs of the summer breeze

Laughing across the charms of night

Music of the dawn light, graceful

Shimmering faith and singing grace

Inspiring psalms and wonders of praise

Awakening prayers that God will favor

Breathless hues of brilliant amazement

Hearts melt and clamor for the chance

To ride seas of light, dancing a waltz

On the summer skies, alive, a fire

Blazing with tangerine dreams, inspiring

Love that is alive with desire, vibrant

Vibrating with the warmth it illuminates

On wings of angelic yearnings, mysteries

Pining for the day when they can awake

Caress the heart with gentle hopes

Sing of glories that were never known

The soul grows wise like an elderly child

Wrinkled with time, but so very alive

Crossing the path of melancholy and faith

Lasting serenity born on the kindness

That silences doubt and shouts with belief

Signs that God is the Father of peace

The miracle that brings sweet relief

Playing, penetrating, piercing the light

With reflections of quiet assurance

Lingering on sage knowing, perception

Kissing thoughts with victory, winning

The opportunity to agree with heaven

God is the One I need, the answer

The sweetness of a life poured out

Like a soft rain, sparkly and dazzling

Calling His name through the show

Of teardrops that only He controls!

KJV - Psalms 56:8

- Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

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