And Winter Fades

As Winter fades to Spring

And the joy of the season inspires

Hearts to sing and birds to bring

Rekindling of heart hopes, dreams

Feelings of praise that fall gentle

Against the bursting pods

The green that begins to wash

Away the frosty mornings

And kiss the dawn with lemon rays

Of soothing calm, a caress, a kiss

Of heaven’s heart poured out

Across this land where faith prays

As wonders of love quiet darkness

As Winter wanes and Spring smiles

Across the heart, into the soul

There is a glimpse of the breathless

Admiration from the whisper of promise

Released by the graceful light

Beyond the azure skies in rays of awe

Serene and silent like the dark

Alive with a song for the God of it all

The One who rains miracles upon

Our earth where He created us to be

Grateful for His blessings, His love

Showering miracles across the heart

Assuring with answered prayers

Endless promises brought to life on

The souls of those who know

Elation from a faith that is pure and real

A mercy that leaves the soul secure

In the praise it lifts to the heavenly heights

As Winter languishes and Spring emerges

Destiny quivers, sending rich and vibrant rays

Of stirring victories who agree with us

That His love is like a soft and gentle wind

Eager to cleanse hearts of their sins

Awakening the shadows of melodies and praise

Vibrant hues of creativity lighting the moments

With purity and praise, honoring the days

As they flow by us in a victorious amazement

Feeling alive, dancing in the rays of a silence

Lifted up on prayers of faith, prayers so kind

They darken dread and refresh the sight

So that we’re breathing a brilliant muse

Filled with mystery that feels like a tenderness

Caressing the very soul with sincere hope

Hope that is only found on the haunted mind

Who rests in the certainty that God is alive

And He desires a relationship with His child!

As Winter fades and Spring replaces the dusty dark

A miracle of love opens the door for us to worship

Love like this is beyond explanation – it is filled with

God’s beauty, His delight… inspiring reverence from inside

Where He lives and lights up the fires of His desires

For a heart and soul who know that He is the One

Filling them with life, insight, appreciation – Light!

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