Author of my Soul

He silences the screams of pain

From horrors fought by darkest thoughts

He whispers comfort through the rain

As storms obscure the peace and faith

He breathes inspirations I can’t contain

Sensations so amazing they sing praise

He comforts the heart who is fearful

With promises of joy, hope and strength

He pierces the darkness that is tearful

Assuring in hues of mercy and blessing

He brings a light of love that is cheerful

Abounding in courage and positivity

He baptizes the soul in feelings of grace

Awakening dreams in brilliant hues

He warms the spirit with a tender embrace

Dripping kindness across every thought

He stills all the worry and doubt in the face

Heartening, healing and uplifting dispositions

He gentles the storms and eases all cares

With His glorious love, compassion so alive

He raises the spirits with wonders He shares

Answering prayers with assurance so certain

He sends us miracles like angels unawares

Stirring up dreams that fill our hearts with bliss

He sings to the heart and soul, urging our praises

Arousing the darkest night with stars so ecstatic

He writes His story on our spirits, in words and phrases

Sending us His love on the legends that astonish

He paints His world in hues so beautiful it amazes

Coloring the earth in visions so abundant and radiant

He is my heavenly Father and I am His child

Without His glorious love, I wouldn’t know His Son

He went to the cross so that I could be reconciled

Made right with the One who brings me sweet peace

He is the way, the truth, the life…, the One who smiled

Inspiring me to feel the wonder of His overwhelming love!

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