Send down Your blessings, dear Lord

Allow me to feel Your kindness and love

The mercy that comes from Your Son

Grace so alive it feels like I’ve broken free

Of the sins, the flaws, the darkness

That penetrates my spirit with pain, anger

And all of the things that I wish to leave

Behind me, in the past where I used to be

Send down Your blessings, dear Father

Cause me to know You better with each miracle

Blessings of love so warm I feel the affection

Tenderness like a hope that colors the heart

In hues of insight and delight, beauty so wise

It pours out joy and peace, feelings that believe

Only the Son and His grace can free the soul

From the distress that brings doubt and depression

Dread that beckons hearts to feel the anguish

Of knowing that trouble is always there, haunting

With its never-ending grief, its pang of misery

Send down Your blessings, dear God

Remind me that You are there, alive

Willing to give me a second chance, a new life

Born out of the love that Jesus taught us to know

With His grace and His wonder, His courage

All the songs of a heart who gives unconditionally

With a purity, a promise that is more sure

Than the love that falls all over with its truth

When we are brought to our knees

At the foot of the cross where we can see

Love that brings true peace, true belief

Truth that sounds like strength and relief

Love that is alive in the soul who believes

Jesus is the answer to every prayer we breath

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