But God...

I know I don’t do everything right

I want to be perfect, but am so inadequate

I want to be flawless, but am so very flawed

I want to be impeccable and am so deficient

But God…

I try to do it all just so

I’m weak and I know I do so much wrong

But God… I try so very hard

To do what I know You would have me to

To do what is right in the eyes of Your truth

To do what is good and kind and wise

To do what I know Your word tells me to

But God…

I am so very lacking, so fallible and weak

I struggle to show You the best that I have

I try to give You my unsurpassed love and light

Hope that will show You how much I need You

To feel the way I love You from the depths of my spirit

But God…

I know I’m so imperfect

I do things wrong even when I don’t want to

I let pride and prejudice get in my way sometimes

I allow the pain and sorrow to take my heart away from

The place where I can be closest to You

But God…

You just have to know my heart

And see that I love You more with every thought

I need You and I praise You and I pray that You know

It is Your love that lights my heart and soul

It is Your love that assures me of this hope

But God…

You are the reason I can honestly say

I may not be perfect, but I’m someone who strives

To give back to You a heart that is honest and true

A heart that knows Your worth and reflects the blessing

Of Your gift of grace and mercy, Your absolute love and affection

Toward a child like me who knows they will be defective until

The time when I reach the home of my Savior

Where His love will remind me I have the victory

Success comes in the form of a meeting in heaven!

But God…

Please don’t ever leave me or forsake me

Without You, dear God… I’d be lost in the darkness

It is Your light that pours out hope into my heart,

Joy into my soul and love into my spirit!

But God….

I love You with everything in me!

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