Camping With Jesus

Nursing dreams around a campfire

Bleeding inspiration through the smiles

Laughter like blessings raining down

On the hearts who share this sweetness

A whisper of dreamy wonder twinkling

Like stars who wink at the night sky

From their home on high, above a world

Of music, songs drifting on winds

Healing hopes and faith completed

By the impressions of praise, prayers

Psalms guiding graceful light upon

Moon breathed intimacy of the dusk

Who lingers on the ridges of mountains

Colored in hues of blessings, miracles

Alive, dancing wildly in the campfire

Time for promises to become authentic

Realities of love embracing the soul

Who knows that this is the moment

This is the day, the time, the grace

Of Him who lights up the heart, the soul

With dreams, visions, reveries – creativity

Full blown love overflowing the Son’s

Gentle touch from a night who is alive

With firefly thoughts and glittery legends

Luminating the skies with a life that is better

Than any treasure, any wealth, any plunder

It is the height of summer, camping

By the creek, listening to the meek exposes

Flowing along, creating ripples in clear, cool streams

Where fish and children play like hearts

On fire for the lapping sprays of delicious liquid

Freshening, fulfilling, flavoring the heart

With ambiances of delicious whispers, echoes

Shrieking out greetings from the glow

Of a silent affection who knows our deepest yearnings

Our wishes turned upside down, covered in tenderness

Warring with the darkness who fades in and out

Shadowing the firelight with a moon who sighs peace

Trapping intimacy in the face of a known belief

Who is Jesus embracing the spirit from His kindness

Bleeding through the night like a rush of rapids

Engulfing the gentle waters in that hastening stream

It is His love that pours out hope and peace, joy and faith

Love that penetrates the weakest part of the spirit

With a brilliant flame of inspiration, coloring the heart

The vision with a delicate love who listens to His wisdom

And glows like the campfire, falling in silhouettes

Of beauty and peace across a spirit alive with His grace

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