Can You Use Me?

I prayed to God to guide me

To show me what is His will

Should I give the whole world

The light He’s put inside me

The one that shows me I am

Someone who loves without doubt

Someone who cares with all my heart

Someone who needs to share my best

Someone who is on the path to heaven

Because I believed in His gift…

Jesus, my redeemer, the Savior

Who would make me feel the sweet joy

Of knowing that His love is alive

And He will always be my heart’s light

I prayed for God to bring to me

A moment when I could know the truth

Would I be someone He could use?

Even though I’m such a failure, so flawed

Filled with so many faults I can’t see

How He could possibly ever use me!

I prayed for God to allow me

To open my heart and soul to Him

Show Him all that lived within

Where I felt like I knew Him the best

Where I longed to share with Him my quest

For a heart who He could use for Himself

A heart that was alive and filled with a light

Set afire by His burning love, His grace,

The amazing wonder of His name

Jesus is the One who came

When I opened my heart and pursued

A rescuer who would prove

To be the answer to every prayer

The fulfillment to my every dream

The whisper of love that increased

When I listened to His call

And felt Him touch my heart and soul

With a love that is beyond words

A love that is pure and intuitive

A love that lasts from now throughout eternity

With the love that goes beyond my hope

Into the core of my heart’s joy

Where I feel more grace than I can imagine

And more wonder than I can expect to acknowledge

This love He fills me with – It’s a love that will never end

And, with Him beside me, enlightening me,

I will always be sure of God’s peace

Filling my soul with such inspiration and knowing

That life beyond this world is a life I await

With enthusiasm, excitement and expectation

A knowing that heaven is the home I’m anticipating

Because there, on high, lives Jesus, my entire life!

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