Change (lyrics)

I like for things to stay the same

But changes come and I always exclaim

“Jesus, Help me – I pray in Your name…

Guide me past the worry and shame”

I miss the way things used to be

When I was young, alive and free

Joy rising in my heart, I agree

This was the time of miracles for me

I long for those moments of hope

Knowing Jesus would help me to cope

With sorrows that caused me to grope

In fear, feeling like I was hung on a rope


Darkness dims my soul’s view

With colors black and blue

Reminders that I always knew

Without Him, I can’t face the new

Changes like this are often burning

Dread and doubt are there, churning

Reminding me of the shift as I’m turning

From the familiar to the alien, undiscerning

Worries reflect my worries and strife

As I tremble with fear from their knife

Will I ever find hope in this new life

Where I struggle to adapt despite rife

Time presses me forward into the new

Guiding me to believe in the joy that grew

With a prayer answered by the One who

Loves me like His child, with a love so true

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