I am the creature Created, made by One

Who gave me hope,

Faith and love

Feelings portrayed

In the heart, in the soul

Amid the joys, the laughter

The light that brings out

Inspiration and compassion

I am the creature

Created to be

Filled with His love

Alive because He brings

Freedom to my spirit

Enlightenment to my dreams

Assurance that, with Him,

I am blessed beyond belief

I am the creature

The one He made to bring

Praise to His being…

Praise to the King

The One who sings in sunrises

Lights hearts with His peace

Breaths kindness into spirits

And acceptance through His bliss

I am the creature

Formed to be His infant

The baby He fulfills

With a love that is alive

A love that always survives

Through the good and the bad

The happy and the sad

His love is like the sky at night

Filled with stars, twinkling

So bright, alive, thriving

Jumping from the horizon

I am the creature

Shaped to be His child

The reason that I’m alive

Is to give back a portion

Of His heavenly light

The wonder that lives inside

Where His love stirs up

Melodies of joy, glorious

Praise for the One who gave us

The way to accept the Savior

The light of the world

The reason for living

The answer to prayers

The whisper of redemption

I am the creature

Designed to praise Him

Fashioned to honor Him

Meant to adore Him

I am the creature

He is the Creator, the reason

For every dream I dream

Every hope I have

Every light I shine

Because of Him, I know

Love is brighter than the sun

It holds the answers, the promise

Of a hope that is more beautiful

Than anything on earth

It is the hope of eternity…

With the way, the truth, the life…

The One who is pure love!

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