Endless Love

He could just ignore me

When I come to Him with fears

He could just disregard them

My worries, pains and tears

He could just discount them all

As simply silly or trivial

He could just forget me

When I’m in need of His forgiveness

He could just abandon me

When I need His comforting

He could just avoid me

Like someone dodges an illness

He could do all these things

But what He does…

Is give me peace in the valley

Listening to all my fears

Wiping away my sorrows, my tears

With a light of love so vibrant

It reflects the warmth of His love

Love that knows no boundaries

Love that lives to give hope to me

Love that provides a way for me

Love that reminds me He is…

My best friend, my joy, my faith

The wonder of His amazing grace

With Him, I always have a place

What He does…

Is silence every storm

The thunder can no longer trouble

A heart who is wise by His strength

A soul who knows He is alive

A spirit who feels Him always warm

Like a flame of inspiration, a song

Of faith, hope and love, every good thing

From heaven above, where He is

Sitting on the right hand of the Father

Making intercession for all of us

So we can come boldly to the throne

With our pleas and yearnings, our needs

Our hope for a better way, a serenity

That surpasses all understanding

It brings such a sensation of amazement

What He does…

Is answer every prayer

With kindness that is so rare

Fulfills every dream, each desire

With a wonderful caress, a kiss, a breath

Falling across the heart and soul

Like a promise that forever consoles

Living proof that He is the only One

Worthy of our worship, our praise

The unending love that follows His grace

What He is… is everything

All joy, all peace, all gentleness

All hope, all faith, all feeling in the spirit

What He is… is sweet love that is endless!

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