Forest Prayers

In the velvety green of a forest carpet

There lives a promise of sweetest serenity

The promise of joy, hope and gentle peace

Amid the crunch of dead leaves and darkness

Bark peeling from oaks, birch and elms

Pines scented fresh like the forest’s odor

There is a sparkle of passion pouring down

From moonlit skies with stars sparkling joy

Along the creeks running gentle with cool, clear

Soothing waters who silence the music of plants

Woody grace blazing with enchanted inspirations

Coloring the shadows with laughter from birds

Fading into the forest with their songs of praise

In the embrace of a bush scented woods, where

Kindness seems to pour out the wonder of hope

Birthing pure worship of the Creator who knows

Our lives will never be more blessed than they are

By the priceless moments spent in the silhouette

Of trembling oaks and pines who know our best

Prayers are prayed on knees caked in decaying leaves

Listen to the voice of a silent faith who believes

God is never closer than He is to those who travel

Secluded forest paths… woods surrounding souls

Who know that His love is alive in the sounds of rippling

Mountain streams, birdsong and countless dreams

Who fall from the stardust promises of a night

Awake with the dreams of the heart who knows

God is alive and He is bold and He is the hope

That gives us all the faith to keep going, keep hoping

Keep listening to the call of a dream, a vision

That is filled with silent screams from those prayers

We may have failed to pray, but still are answered

By a God who knows us much better than we know ourselves

I’m so thankful for those blessings He brings every day.

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