Forever Blessings

Struggles can weary my soul

Shadows may darken my hopes

Sorrows bring tears flowing

Through it all, though…

His light stirs my heart

Bringing peace that reminds –

There is love…

So alive it dances through

All the dread, fulfilling my spirit

With gentle grace,

Freeing my soul of its distress

Silencing every feeling of doubt

Coloring my hopes in dreams

So very perfect

Darkness can dim my dreams

Dread may fill me with despair

Depression can dishearten

Even my prayer

Through it all, though….

His light shines into my thoughts

Creating a sensation of hope

Whispering faith into my plans

Breathing peace through my days

Lifting up with sweet love…

As it rises from the ashes of doubt

Soothing, comforting, bringing out

All the joy that comes from knowing

The love He pours out inside is growing

Yes, the fear and worry and dark

Can create shadows of gloom

But when all is said and done…

His light, His love…

Assures the soul that the truth

Is found in the spirit of His love

Sing praises to the One who gives us

Second chances, new dawns

The way to a life of joy and faith

A life inspired by sweet grace

A life that aspires to give back

A part of the love He shines down

With each sun, each moon, each star

Every flicker of faith that fulfills

With its gentle affection, it’s spirit

The gift of a love that blesses forever!

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