Forever Flying

Spring whispers joy into the spirit

Promises of hope sing from wildflower

Melodies, reflecting brilliant smiles

Falling down from moonlit skies

Spring breathes laughter into the heart

Inspiration over the silence of a thought

Prayers compel the soul to feel His peace

Pouring over the life of those He feeds

With His bread of life, with His liquid calm

Caressing every sigh with kindness so rare

So faithful and precious it shines, sparkling

Stunning pearls of starlight dreams, grace

Lingering on the one who knows He is alive

His praises are the way we still the shadows

With worship restoring the blessing that

Has faded into the moments of darkness

When litanies grew braver and more certain

That God would sanctify the broken heart

Who comes to Him for healing, fulfillment

Gentle touches of restorative rebuilding

His grace is the light of our freedom

From fears, tears and years of disgrace

Shame that reflects all the ways we’ve been

Pulled away from the Creator, His Son,

Our life and love and living salvation who knows

Hearts and souls, above and below, He knows

All that we are and all that we hope and pray

He knows our deepest thoughts, our music

That sings thanks across the heavens

And awakens therapeutic insights, ideas

Love that is alive, dancing on the inside

Heartening our belief and preparing us to be

Followers of the One who bled and died

So we could live with His spirit on the inside

Spring is a touch of grace praising heaven’s Son

The One who makes a way where there seems to be

No way – all seems dark, lost and alone, without even

A chance to be won and He knows the way to take

To bring redemption from a little faith, just a faith

That is the answer to our heart’s worst fears, tears

Those solitary glimpses into the sadness we feel

When we let His love fade into the background of our

Thoughts, our faith, our thanks…

Spring comes to life when we realize He is alive

On the inside where we can always know He is prepared

To hear and answer our yearnings, our prayers

With a love that is louder than the strongest winds

Love that is colored in hues of promise and praise

Unending faith that leaves only the faded memory

Of pain or grief because He is there, giving His best,

At the slightest thought, the least request…

Spring reminds me why I will never really die

Death will come in the Winter of my life

But I know the Son who has given me this hope

Of a Springtime when my soul shall fly

In the beauty of a heavenly sky, alive – forever flying!

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