Getting Ready

Silence swarming with noise

Sounds blasting, like a war

Penetrating proof of the clamorous

Blare, blaze, flaming craze

Hues of doubt pouring out on the calm

Darkness sinking into the heart

Hushing the sigh, the breath, rhythmic

Beating of a song, like the tear

Sliding helplessly along the cheekbone

This is the silence, the dread

Grief that complements the death

One who has gone on to the eternal

Without the hope that comes to those

Who know the love of a Savior…

Grace that brings peace in abundance

Promising of a hereafter who is perfect

Soaring with light, love, laughter… calm

That fills the spirit with joy – forever

Eternally silencing the doubt, the fear

The darkness that is so overpowering

For the heart who doesn’t feel His breath

Pouring out tenderness, warmth, hope

On the spirit who glows with His brilliance

Love that is pure, flawless, complete…

Breathe deeply the wonder of Jesus, the King!

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