God On The Mountain

Updated: Jun 22

It was here,

On the heart of Appalachia

Where the moon and stars shimmer

Across the blue gray ridges,

Where the sunlight reflects the whisper

Echoing through the pines and laurels

Struggling to be heard through the stillness

Darkening the whimsical thoughts

Quieting the grief that swarms

Like flies around the horses

Forcing them to lean into vexation

Floating along the creek

In liquid shadows, heavy with truth

Alive, dancing to the tune of beautiful

Peace that knows no sorrow, only hope

That is like a healing wind blowing

Laughing through the trembling leaves,

Promising to breath sighs of acceptance

Kind and crisp, like alto flowing

From the center of a soul

Who knows this life, this hardscrabble

World of shadows and silence

Is filled with kindness and worth

Assurance that stirs the feeling inside

The spark of yearning, creativity

Churning through the spirit

It was here,

In the mountains, where crests

Bow to the azure skies, heaven’s music

Pouring out melodies

Into the souls who know only light

Piercing the shadows, sanctifying the life

With wonders that arise

From the woods, forests filled up with

Inspiration so alive, passion

Thriving, surviving each heartache

Racing to the tune of grace

Singing in a melancholy voice, songs

Psalms so fluid they seem like one motion

Water caressing the smooth stones

Cascading through the heart

In unruly praises, making way toward

Oceans who hunger

For the crystal clear liquid

Satisfying the need, the craving

For joy that will only abide

On the spirit of these sapphire tides

In was here,

In the mystery of Appalachia

That I found the courage to believe

Trust the freedom, the spirit

Who lights up my dreams, my hope

With His astounding presence,

His tenderness and affection raining

Delicate stirrings, glowing

Fervently, alive like the leaves

Who swirl and twirl, dancing graciously

Amazing even the trees

With their unending waltz

Their attempts at joy, passionate

Bold like the stars who shimmer, vibrant

Erasing darkness with dreams

Revealing the corners of a wish

It was here,

Where hearts find grace

That I realized the meaning

Beneath prayers and praise

The meaning, blooming

With peace, promises so sweet

They filled up my spirit

Soared through the doubts

Lifted me out of the darkness

Into a place of feathery

Light, pouring out faith that swells

Through my feelings, my reasons

Brewing up the knowing

He is the promise that soothes

Away each sorrow, each hurt

With His everlasting peace

There is courage to reach beyond

Mountains and seas

To the heavens, where I release

All my burdens, flying free

As God intended me to be

It is here,

I believe… where light removes

Darkness and colors lives

In hues of inspiration, joy, faith

Hope and love that stir up

A wonder sent to those who know

He is the solution to every heartbreak

He is the answer to every prayer prayed

He is the love that rains down like praise…

And, as I praise Him… I savor Him, my adored Deliverer!

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