God's Child

He knows about my very worst sins

He sees my heart – my wretchedness

He knows the depths of my spirit

He sees the darkness within me

And, still, He gives me a second chance

When I can’t even understand His grace

He whispers hope into my heart

He sings of light, love and more

He knows my weakness and my thoughts

He brings me a sweetness and joy

And, still, He never forsakes my soul

When I can’t comprehend His kindness

He knows about the feelings that destroy

Feelings of doubt, disillusion and sorrow

He colors my dreams in cheery belief

Awakens my heart to the sincere promises

Of a Father who loves unconditionally

A God who is filled with absolute peace

He shines His sun down on my soul

He pierces my heart with His unchanging love

He guides me through shadows of despair

He reminds me that I have His strength

To encourage and bolster me during worries

Reinforce my praise of His unending mercy

He lifts me from the darkness of my pain

He inspires me to believe when I think I can’t

He urges me to just let go of my dismay

He nurtures me with a love that is alive

A love so beautiful it delights and enlightens

Reminding me that I am someone He stirs

He moves my heart and soul to believe

He rouses my faith with His unending peace

He motivates my smile and my laughter

He rains down His love so that I catch His

Wonderful creativity and insight into hope

With Him, there is no doubt or dissuasion

He favors me with blessings that are so warm

He lifts my painful depression and discouragement

He promises me that His love will last forever

He guarantees His redemption is my salvation

I will always feel like I am someone worthwhile

Because of Him, I know that I am God’s child

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