God's Muse

Light pours through branches

Caressing the earth

With a kindness so rare

So gentle, warm

It feels like hope coloring

The heart in vibrant

Layers of laughter and love

There are shadows of oaks

Birch, locust and pine

Reflections of the earth

Calling to the sun

Silent screams for peace

Baptizing every whisper

In songs of praise

Rainbow yearnings

Fall among the seas

Promising their blessing

Their waves of dreams

To caress the thoughts

With prayers, hope

Sincerity that calms the wind

Showers of dripping liquid

Cool and comforting

Restoring the heart’s stillness

With music from beads

Falling in streams

Restoring the beauty

To a clean, clear fantasy

Where hope meets fate

There breathes a gentle grace

Truth calling from heaven

Reminding hearts to worship

The One who created it all

The sun, the stars, the moon

All the beauty of God’s muse

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