Godly Women

Some are mothers, reflections of love

Poured out on children who abide in hope

Remembering that Mary, the mother of Jesus,

Gave us all a sense of the wonder uncovered

By the women who give their hearts to children

Some are wives who give their husbands

Their hearts, their blessings, their kindness

Like Ruth, the Moabite, who was great-grandmother

To the King after God's own heart, David,

Who played such a great role in the lineage of Jesus

Some are followers of the King of Kings

Those who know He is the best there is

Believers who give their entire lives to Him

Like Mary Magdalene, who Jesus healed and who

Was also the first witness of His resurrection

Some are women who love with all they have

Through joy and pain, in spite of everything

Giving all their lives to their beloved

Like Rachel who knew what is was to be childless

Sharing her beloved with her sister, Leah

Some are women who have a desperate yearning,

Like Hannah, who yearned for a child of her own

She prayed, promising to give her son back to the Lord

When Samuel, her son, anointed King David,

He gave the entire world a new direction toward redemption

Some are women who fall into great sin

Like Eve, the mother of Cain and Abel

She was deceived by the enemy of us all,

And changed the entire fate of mankind

Including the way we would live in this life

Some are like Deborah, who was a judge of her time

Others, like Esther, who changed the heart of the King

Some are like Miriam, prophetess and Moses' sister

Others, like Sarah, who had Isaac at 90 years of age

Some are like Elizabeth, who bore John the Baptist.

Then, there is Priscilla, who was a powerful church leader

Also, there was Mary who was sister of Lazarus

And, Martha who was rebuked by Jesus so her sister,

Mary, could sit at the Master’s feet and hear His words

All the women of the Bible were strong and blessed

By the One who gave each one of us the chance to have

A personal relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Savior

The One who taught all women that they could be a light

Guiding others through the darkness, into His grace

Praise God for women of the Bible and women of today

Who share the faith that Jesus is the only way!

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