Good Friday

Beaten beyond recognition

Tortured in ways we’d like to ignore

Because our hearts are disturbed

By the darkness that fell across our world

When Jesus was dying on a cross,

Crucified for the sins that were ours

But were also sins we’d never pay for

Because He gave up His life at Calvary

Where we could visit and find redemption

Forgiveness for those sins we committed

Pardon for the crimes of our spirits

Barely breathing, He spoke the words…

“It is finished” before leaving this world

For the hereafter, where we were so sure

We’d never be able to talk with Him again

Or feel the wonder of His kindness,

His gentleness or sensitivity, His wisdom

Or His grace and penetrating compassion

Someone offered Him their tomb

A rich man, who believed in His love

Others were willing to clean Him up

Placing His body where no one could harm

The One who was loved beyond words

The One who was at the heart of hope

The One who made us feel so sure

God would have His way – His day

Filling lives with assurance of His grace

He left this world and went to the tomb

Wrapped in grave clothes and spices

Placed in the heart of the earth

Where we were sure His body would be

Secure until we could sleep in peace

Sleep away the grief that was ours, complete

In a way that only reminded the heart

Of His death, His departing from the lives

Who loved Him more than anything else

As His lifeless body lay in that tomb

Hearts grieved for the One who had come

To bring love to the dark and lonely world

To shine a light into the lives who knew

Only the dimness of despair and depression

With Him, life had finally been better

Now, with Him gone, hearts were mourning

With a solemnity that was so very painful

That was the day that they lay God to rest

That was the day that love was placed to the test

That was the day that our lives were blessed!

When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, "I love you." - Billy Graham

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