Grace Upon Grace

Shine Your light down

On our souls, our dreams

Show us the way to go

To the right or left?

North or south?

During day or night?

Shine Your light down

Across our spirits

Reflect Your beauty

On our hearts, our love

Share Your joy,

Allow us to bring You

Glory upon glory

Raise Your hand

And bless us, dear Lord

Bless our lives with inspiration

Insight into the love

That pours out from above

Caressing our lives

With wonder upon wonder

A music that is alive

With serenity and soothing

Notes of praise, a psalm

A prayer for grace

Shine Your light down

Sweet Jesus,

Glow upon our soul

Pour your elation out across

Our life, relieving strife

Coloring the moments

In hues of mercy and hope

Wisdom that comes alive

Shines brighter than the sun

Heavy with its delight

Its radiant flame so bright

It erases every shadow

Of pain and sadness

Promises to bring happiness

That will never fade

Pour out your blessings,

Dear God, dear Father

Pour them down like rain

Soothing away the darkness

And caressing the soul

With Your unending grace

Bless us, sweet Lord

And assure our souls

That Your love will

Never grow old

We praise You, dear Lord

You are the One we will always adore!

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