Gratitude for Grace

Life gets in the way and somedays I find it hard

To even laugh or play - after all is said and done

Have I even prayed?

The gratitude that I should

Have shared with my God, the One who gave me

All the wonders, the blessings that color my heart

In hope and peace, grace that lights my soul’s way

Yes, that gratitude – that thanks

Was it spoken of or even given

To the One who made my way

A way of blessings, a way of joy

A way of kindness, hope and more

A way of love that is alive and holds

The key to my faith, giving me wings

When I wasn’t even sure I could fly

When I didn’t know if I could try

Yes, that gratitude – that appreciation

It melts the heart’s calloused skin

With conviction that when I begin again

I’ll have the answers because I’ve been to Him

The One who shines a light into the darkness

The One who quiets the storm with silence

The One who leads me home when I’m lost

The One who brings victory when I feel afraid

The One who fills my soul with assurance

That everything good will come to me

Because I believe Him, the One who brings me

Out of the pain, into the hope, filling me up

With a blend of joy, peace and eternal love

Yes, that gratitude – appreciates each blessing

The ones that I fail to notice – like hope and affection

Grace to lead me toward the path of peace and joy

The miracle of true belief amid the worst pain and sorrow

A feeling that God will always be with me, providing

The opportunity to take the right way, lift up my soul

To His light – reflecting the sweetness that shines

From a wonderful inspiration, filled with imagination

Wonder discovered amid the blessings He contributes

From the source of all life, the victor, the light

The One who holds the key to hope, faith and love

The key to our blessings – the key to our eternity

The One who gives us all a reason to praise Him

The One who brings us out of the dark that dissuades

Yes, that gratitude – believes and foresees

All the music played by the ones who believe

He is alive, dancing like a dream on the prayer

Of those who listen to their heart and soul

Find a way to worship from their very hope

And give back a piece of their joy to the One

Who goes before them, making a way so they know

He is the answer to every worry, doubt or fear

He will provide the music to every expectant ear

He lights up the heavens and the earth too

With His amazing grace that gives us each the chance

To whisper a prayer, accepting the Savior

The answer to our need for redemption – our need

For the One who fills our life with peace and thanksgiving!

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