Grief That Won't Let You Go

She was grieving inside her soul

Longing for hope to open a door

She couldn’t rest in her broken heart

Her spirit was melting from the flames

Of a sadness that penetrated her mind

Fell across her life like a shadow of night

Never allowing the wonder of His joy inside

She was angry, lost in the sorrow

Her heart felt faint and her life was so quiet

Without the one she loved, the one who

Was taken up to heaven, beyond her grasp

Without this little one, her faith felt flat

As if she couldn’t chance the thought

Of feeling better or letting go of the hurt

She was growing more miserable with time

Nothing she had experienced changed the

Pain that rained through her soul, her life

Filling her with a dread, a doubt, a darkness

That couldn’t be lifted by any amount of kindness

Nothing on earth had prepared her for this

Silent echo of mourning, regret, torment

She was lost and felt so alone in her heart

Where the grief never permitted peace

Where the sorrow was never relieved

She was in pain and the pain never eased

But finally, in the twinkling of a smile

There came to her a second chance to believe

A second chance to know what it is to give

From a heart who has lived through the doubt

The throbbing, the sobbing of an anguish

That is so deep and dark it saturates the mind

With shadows that can’t even be defined

Finally, she looked up to the Son

Who lights up the heart and soul

With His endless hope, faith and love

The tenderness that reminds us all

We have been blessed by the One

Who created us, awakened us to love

And poured out His spirit into our hearts

Without Him – where would we be?

There is no doubt He is the comfort and peace

That reassures and reminds that love

Is a treasure so alive, that despite the sorrow

We hold hands with the heart who knows us

As His children, the ones He gives

Inspiration and joy, love that is wonderous!

Praise Him – He is the One who reaches

Past all the pain and cheers us so we know

His love is alive, writing hope across our souls

Sending light so we can see – the way it is

When we allow Him to lead us with His grace

His insight and peace – the love that He is

Jesus is the answer to every need, each care.

With Him living inside your heart, there is no doubt

You know you have all your hope restored

Your joy and peace reconditioned

Your unconditional love is there with you

Flowing from the One who pours His love out

For your heart and soul to experience.

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