Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!

I’m seeking God’s will

For everything, each idea, every dream

I’m pursuing the Prince of peace,

The King of kings, the Wonder of wonders

Who created me and gave to me

The sweetest grace, the beauty of faith

Forgiveness and mercy, a second chance

To breath easy, knowing that He is

Alive, my risen Savior…

Someday, someway… He’s coming back

To bring His children home to heaven

Where we will all be of one accord,

Filled with hope, faith and love… praising

The One who gave us His Son,

His Gift of Grace is salvation, redemption

A new birth – a new heart, a new home

Up in the sky where we will all fly

And where we will never die

I’m seeking God’s will

For the brighter day, the best way, when I pray

I’m pursuing the gentle, tender faith,

The second chance, the kindest Redeemer,

Because I’m a believer who knows He is…

The only way toward unending grace

Mercy and peace, the beauty of devotion

Who lasts forever, the miracle of a Savior

Who makes a way where no way has been before

A Savior who I praise with my all and all

Someday, someway – when He comes in the air

In the twinkling of an eye, we will find

… the answer to our prayers, His love

Has opened the door to a new world, a new hope

The beauty of light that has no shadow, no doubt

It is a light of love that never darkens, never goes out

Someday, someway – I will reach that home on high

Where there will be no tears – I won’t ever cry

Where there will be no fears – I won’t ever sigh

Where there will be only years – of joy and light

Love that comes alive, dancing across the heavens

To the music of His beauty, His grace, His embrace

Someday, someway – I will know His abiding peace

Will always be – never leaving me without a hope

Always there to help me to cope and assure my heart

That His love is the only way to truly know the wonder

Of heaven where my soul will never dread or despair

There will only be light that stirs to life our pleasure

Our elation and worship, our praise and admiration

Of a love that is more than breathtaking.

It is remarkable, humbling, spectacular.. it is love

That rouses the stars, the moon and sun… the heart

To believe that heaven is a home worthy of our adoration.

Someday, someway – Jesus will lift our spirits to a home

Where we will never want for anything, where we will never doubt

A home where our heart and soul will always worship Him – eternally

Giving God all the praise and thanks! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!

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