In heaven, hearts will agree… love is the answer, love is the key ~ by poet

When I see the wonder

Reflected in eyes

Dancing like stars in the skies

Waltzing with fireflies

Supporting each other, harmonizing

Like the music of laughter

Silencing every doubt, each hurt

With a gentle kindness

A distinct sort of joy, jubilant

Knowing the sensations

Grace that is alive

Encouraging the buttery sun

To split apart the darkness

With inspiration and imagination

Feelings echoed in light

When I see the miracle

Revealed by hope and love

Pouring out from heaven

Raining down on souls with passion

Promises of an affection, a tenderness

Abiding inside, reassuring, delighting

Reminding hearts why

There is the feeling so beautiful

Satisfying the soul

With expressions of peace and hope

Marvels to voice the dream

That lives in those who believe

God thrives beyond grief

Leaving reverberations of sweetness

Serenity of the soul

Awakening thoughts of desire

Planting seeds, building a fire

Igniting wishes that require

Hearts to breath the intimacy

Discovered inside those

Who listen to their hearts and dreams

Quiet all their fears

With the assurance that love

Can bring us through any grief

When I see the prodigy

Unending love, forever thriving

Beyond desire, beyond the fire

It breathes in light,

Exhaling the fumes of hope

Saluting the peace

Erasing all the obscurity

Of doubt and disillusionment

Promising the mind, the heart, the soul

That His love is the solution

The answer to our every prayer

The promise that penetrates barrages

Erasing conflicts and wars

Battles that have been fought

Since the beginning of time

Brought to death by swords of grace

Mercy that calms and creates

A habitation of harmony, quiet

Tranquility found only in hearts

Who listen to the sounds of silence

Relieving souls of their pain

Their reliance on the struggles

Who reveal the aching we all feel

Because there has never been this peace

This feeling of sweet relief

Found inside those who believe

Love truly is a gift and a key given

By the One who measures love

With a ruler moved by mercy

And blessings from above

Where all souls know it is good

To live in one accord, in harmony

With His gently stirring purpose

His light is the light of love

Mirrored by sun, moon and stars

Revealing the splendor of God

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