He Is A Guiding Light

My heart fills up

With a light of pure joy

Peace in the knowing

That God’s love is overflowing

Raining down from heaven

Assuring me of grace

Wonders that will never fade

Inspiration to meet each day

With praise for the Creator

Who always makes a way

My heart collects fragments

Of scripture, verse and insight

Into the heart of our Heavenly Father

The One who guides our lives

Shines His amazing light

Into the shadows that darken

Our dreams, our hopes, our feelings

With fear and anxiety, a dread

That whatever comes there will be

Darkness that doesn’t flicker

Alive with the starlight glimmers

To remind us that love is alive

A fire in the midnight skies

My heart reflects on the marvels

Of a bright and shining sunrise

Who whispers its joy through those

Listening to the silence, the breath

Of a kindness who reveals the desire

For prayers that plead and implore

Our beautiful Savior for His grace

His amazing serenity and solemn hope

For moments spent with Him

Delighting in His love, praising with

Promises for the everlasting knowing

That He will always be with us

Never leaving, never forsaking

Always bread and living water, the answer

To any worry, all queries, each matter

In need of a miraculous touch

From the spirit of pure, sweet love

My heart longs for this relationship

Between Jesus and myself

A relationship built on prayer with

A heavy dose of scripture

Penetrating the mind and soul

With light that is like a gentle sun

Pouring out on the one who knows

Jesus is the bright fire inside

Who rejoices when we share His grace

When we remember to praise our Creator

And when we listen to His guidance

He is alive and He is a healer

He is wise and He is resilient

He is the way, the truth, the life

Who became the ultimate sacrifice.

I love Him with my entire being!

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