He is GOD!!!

Every morning, as heaven sighs

There comes the dawning

Of hope inspired by the dreams

That beckon from hearts

Minds who breathe the light

Erasing the darkness of night

As a lemony sun rises to smile

On the gentle mountains

Across the green meadows

The hearts who whisper

Silent prayers, reflections

Grace so alive it ignites

Fires of praise, promises

Second chance to awaken

The soul to love unwavering

Love that we are savoring

With our dreams, our hope

The feelings that make us whole

Peace falls from the skies

Sighing like the fireflies

Who bless hearts with their light

Hovering over the prairies

So alive, dancing in the wind

Spinning tales of gentle faith

Making a way to the Creator’s haven

Where there is only serenity

Faith that silences doubt and dread

Drinks in pools of liquid faith

Imagines the fanciful places

Only the heart can embrace

With its ability to pray

To the One who knows us better

Than any morning sun or rain

More than the whispers of wind

More than the gentle feelings

More than the lingering joy

Prayers of praise, praying

For God to know our hearts

Our thanks – the way we say

A prayer for Him to reach beyond

The thoughts and thinking

Into the heart and soul where we need Him

To see the sun rising fair

Upon the inspirations, the awareness

Of a light so big it outdoes the sun

It is a light from God’s throne room

A light of pure, unconditional love!

A light that shines hope into the heart

A light that sparkles with pure joy

A light that twinkles with faith and promise

A light that never fades or expires

A light that glows beyond this world…

Into the universe where He is everything and more!

He is GOD!

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