He Is The Savior Of The World

There are times when I seek Him

With all my heart and soul

But just can’t seem to see Him

In the life where I know

He is keeping me from harm

Kissing me with light

Whispering peace into my thoughts

And coloring me in hues of hope

There are moments when I yearn

To touch His heart with my own

But I just can’t find Him

In my life, where I see only strife

I yearn for Him and His blessing

The gentleness of His affection

I reach out for His hand

Expecting His grace and mercy

To pour over me like a river

Even though I know I’m so unworthy

And can’t possibly give Him

All the praise and honor He deserves

There are days when I just can’t pray

And the trust I feel is a trust

That questions all His answers and reactions

I want to be the child that He can know

Will always love Him with a heart of hope

And give to Him the admiration that I should

With worship that reminds Him

I am His child, His chosen one, His beloved

I am someone who loves Him wholeheartedly

With a love that is kind, warm and good

I long for His permission to reach out

With a knowing that He will be there

If I should ever need His help, His protection

His kindness, wonder and affection

He will be there through the good and bad

Amid the happy as well as the sad

He will teach me to always listen to His voice

Knowing in my heart that I have a choice

I can worship Him and share in His love

Or relinquish my joy to this tired old world

I choose the Father who gave me His Son

So that I might become a child of the One

Who poured out blessings beyond my dreams

Blessings of faith and hope, blessings

Of love that is more beautiful than anything

He is the answer to my every need

He reassures and inspires me

To reach for the best and always attest

To the fact that He is so amazing

And that, my friend, is why I praise Him!

Praise God today and eternally believe

He will touch your heart with a sense of peace

Praise God and know that He will always be

There by your side – exalting your faith

Let Him be your guide and always know

Wherever you go – You will find grace

Just believe and you can know He is

Alive inside your soul – a light to guide

Reflecting all that good that abides

Praise God – forever and always

For He is above reproach

He is the kindness

That you will delight in!

Praise God and know in your soul

He is the Savior of the world!

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