He is Worthy

When it comes from the heart

There is a whisper of insight

Soft feelings pouring out hope

Gentleness breathing light

Across the moments, the smiles

Of joy promised by His love

When it comes to the grace

Experienced at the edge of faith

There is kindness that brings awake

All the music discovered in praise

The brilliance of a song so alive

It colors the darkest sky in wonder

When it comes from the soul

There is compassion that is in control

Breaking through the silent dreams

Into the sensations of pure peace

Inspiration that is like a comfort

To the one who knows His encouragement

When it comes to the prayer

Of a heart who sincerely cares

There is satisfaction in the belief

Of the One who brings eternity

To the spirit who sincerely believes

Relying on the One who is life to me

When it come from the passion

Of a life who gives God the thanks

For His undying love and sweet grace

His light falling through the darkness

Reflecting all the beauty and insight

That comes from knowing Jesus’ love

When it comes to the resurrection

There is a miracle of pure affection

Feelings brought to life by discernment

Into the marvelous love that ignites

A fire of adoration and sincere worship

Of this Lord who makes life worth it

When it comes from the nature

Of a love that abides on the inside

Praising and praying and stirring

All the feelings that God has moved

To life on the soul of those who choose

The One who brings absolute truth

When it comes to the final hours

As death brings its darkness to guide

The heart and soul from this world

Into the hereafter, where His light

Reflects all the wonder, the fulfillment

Of a love that comes from His gift

The gift of grace and faith and life

That abides in the love of Jesus Christ

Is like a sigh from paradise, a yearning

From the soul who knows He is worthy!

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