He Lights the Soul

He silences the vulgar roar

Of loneliness and fear

He gentles all the stormy wars

Between sin and my spirit

He christens my heart’s kiss

With inspiration so tender

He sprinkles kindness, humility

All around my soul’s belief

He lingers on my spirit’s hope

With a vibrant hue of light

He brings a brilliant tone of grace

Pouring sprays of acceptance

He whispers promises to the heart

Who listens to His direction

He raises the stardust dreams

With a bold, clever embrace

He responds to all my prayers

With sincerity and generosity

He lifts the burdens that I carry

Nurturing my soul, my faith

He builds my heart’s greatest blessing

By giving guarantee of its sanction

He blends His wonder with discernment

Creating in me a heart full of awe

He quiets every shame or disgrace

With kindness so bright it vibrates

He breathes a desire into my soul

For the chance to know and love Him more

He secures my every prayer with promise

That He will always be there beside me

He heals my murkiest impressions

With a soothing warmth that comforts

He breaks through the hardness of my heart

To soften the feelings that I had lost

He makes me touch the absent reflections

With compassion that I had secreted within

He taught me that love was meant to be given

Through good or bad, it would fulfill me

He stirred my heart to listen through the stillness

That gave me a reason to believe His gift

He is the light, the love, the Son

The reason I am someone who can smile

With the delight of knowing One

Who brings my heart peace and my soul

The opportunity to listen, to believe

In Him, Jesus… the wonder of wonders

The light that shines down such love

It feels like this song must be sung!

Listen to the heart – reflect on Him with awe

He is the presence that will never forsake

He will always be there – just have faith

Listen to the heart – believe and receive

He is the answer to every fear, every tear

Simply look to Him and be blessed by His gift

Salvation of the soul who chooses to listen

With a heart that has been filled to the fullest

With a love that only Jesus can arouse in the spirit!

This love is a gift that keeps giving to the soul

Who knows that Jesus is the only way to find

The secret to life, love, hope, faith, grace…

The path toward heaven where He awaits

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