He Really Is The BEST

I know I don’t always do the right thing

Sometimes life just gets in my way

I know I don’t always pray the right prayer

Sometimes doubt leaves me in despair

I know I don’t always leave love in my path

Even though Jesus would make a way past

The sorrow, the confusion, the darkness

So that His love would shine all through me

I know that I can’t always bring His grace

So that others feel His light, His embrace

I know that I can’t always shine His love

Into the darkness, gentleness from above

I know that I can’t always kiss away the hurt

Assuring that no one ever feels like dirt

Still, I try…

I reach beyond my fears, my tears

Sing songs of hope, laughing through the years

I try to make others see His light in my heart

Burning away the darkness, reassuring dreams

Silencing the worry and uplifting those in need

Still, I try…

I know I don’t do enough, but I give

From my heart and soul, I breathe His promises

Encourage feelings of faith, devotion and trust

Loyalty to the One who makes a way for everyone

To come to the amazing God who created us

I try to give back, even though I’m so small

I serve a Mighty GOD who can do anything at all

He is light and love – He is grace from above

He makes a way for each one of us – delivers

Redeems, reassures – saves us to the uttermost!

Humbly and without anything notable to give

I come to you, my friend, with only one request…

Please give Jesus a chance – He really is the best!

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