Heavenly Abode

There is a place called heaven

where my heart is always yearning

where my soul seems to be churning

with the longing for this dwelling,

this home where Jesus is the anchor

the One to bring hearts and souls

into the center of His world – this

heavenly abode is the answer to my

worries, my struggles and my prayers

This heavenly home is the answer

to all my doubts and insecurities

It fills my heart with compassion,

erases the distrust, the suspicion

with assurance that His love will lift

each heart to its place in His presence

where only the children of God, His Father

will know what it is to be sheltered

from the sadness, the pain, the desperation

all the despair that comes from the darkness

brought to life inside hearts who don’t know

the One who makes a way where there is no way

the One who makes this day feel like light

being poured out on the dead of night

This home where Jesus is the love

who delights in freeing His children from hurt

it is this place that makes life worthwhile

it is this place that brings joy to the smile

it is this place that whispers light to the sigh

This home where Jesus is the host

brings insight into the compassion, the hope

brings faith into the heart who needs His love

brings kindness to the soul who knows He is…

the Prince of Peace, the King of Kings –

~ the wisdom, the grace, the mercy and the way

to know what it is to feel truly saved –

by the grace of God, the compassion of hope

the wonder of a prayer – repenting of sin

bringing to light – the conviction, the gift

the joy of knowing that love lingers within

the soul who believes in Him, the One who is

EVERYTHING that means – love is alive

abiding inside the soul who knows Him as

guide, example, expression of God’s grace

brought to life in this place – heaven – home

to those who know that … GOD IS LOVE!!!

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