Here To Give

I’m not here to greedily take

All the joy for myself

I’m here to give back to others

The joy that God has brought me

The peace that He has caused me

The love that is His guiding light

I’m not here to thoughtlessly seize

Everything that I think my soul needs

I’m here to listen, to care, to believe

I’m here to share my heart and soul

With whispers of kindness, reminding

The heart to hear all the wonders

Inside the soul who knows His love

Is alive, a light, thriving on the inside

Of those who know Him and understand

His love is more powerful than any influence

I’m not here to selfishly capture

All those things that come to mind

When I think of my desire, my hunger

For all those things that bring me bliss

All those things that encourage my gladness

All of those things that make me aware

God has blessed my entire heart so richly

I’m not here to uncaringly conquer

The dream, the hope, the want of my heart

It isn’t my place to listen to my longings

With never a thought for the ones I meet

Those who are challenged by pain and regrets

Those who are worried, fearful and anxious

Those who are hoping my presence will bring them

Assurance, joy, peace and love… feelings that shine

Down from heaven above, piercing the darkness

With a light of hope, joy, faith, peace and grace

All the love that God brings to the human race

I’m not here to only think of me

I’m here to give my heart and soul

To the duty, the work that is God’s

Gift to me, His kind and compassionate

Assurance that I can give back to Him

A piece of the miracle He has blessed me with

A part of the wonder He has given to me

In order for me to give back, to contribute

With love that only He can give, love

That only His Son could have inspired within

I’m not here to secure anything for me

I’m here to win hearts for the Savior

Who is the One I live my life to follow

The One who I give my every ability

So that He can use me to draw others

To His love, His grace, His mercy… peace

That is like a tenderness moving souls

To know the intimacy of a personal relationship

With the One who gave His life to save lives!

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