His Blessings

His blessings

Arrive on the edge of the sun

Rising to pour out hope

Across shadows of the world

His blessings

Whisper through the prayers

Always alive and dancing

With inspiration and imagination

His blessings

Silence the darkness and dread

Color the heart in reflections

Of peace, joy and faith

His blessings

Come to life with every prayer

Fading doubts into the past

Penetrating the soul with thanks

His blessings

Baptize the dreams in liquid

Grace, mercy that portrays

All the wonder of His face

His blessings

Include all the love we have

Love we share and love so rare

It is like a work of art

His blessings

Imagine the way to flourish

In the worst storms, the fears

That haunt and taunt us

His blessings

Are like medicine to the spirit

Healing every affliction

With compassion that is sincere

His blessings

Reawaken the lost hope

Inspire the deepest affection

Delight, enchant and accept

His blessings

Are alive inside the soul

Of every heart who knows

Jesus is the answer to every doubt

He is alive and He is aware

Of every need or yearning we have

He answers every question, each prayer

With a kindness that blesses and assures

A kindness that relieves and soothes

A kindness that only He can provide

I’m so thankful He is living inside

Where His blessings always abide!

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