His Praise

His grace is like a sunny morn

Falling soft on a dark green lawn

Whispering smiles over the heart

Who welcome this glorious light

Drenching us in the echoes of dawn

His hope is like a starry sky

Brilliantly glistening with charm

Lifting spirits with inspirations

Hues of joy pouring out on souls

Who know that love shines down

On the ones who know Him, the

Love who adores us all so purposely

Raining down wonders through our

Dreams, our feelings, our beliefs

His music draws inspiration from

The breath of kindness that dances

Through the silence of a heart

Who knows what it means to give

Generously, liberally, completely

Without any selfishness or reason

Only a heart pounding out a beat

Of gentle affection, tender blessings

His praises fall from my naked lips

As they tremble, emptying a heart

Of the admiration, the worship that

Is alive, thriving on the soul who knows

God is like the fire that rises, smoking

Evoking a poem of hope, faith and love

All the joy that arises from the soul

Who knows Him, the answer to every

Prayer, each yearning, every want, all

The hopes that are met by His amazing

Grace, poured out so that when we let it

His love raises us to become His praise!

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