His Scriptures

His scriptures whisper words

That color hearts in hues of hope

Leave souls filled with a song

Encourage faith to grow strong

Erase the doubt and dread

Shine like stars through the dark

Healing and comforting with reprieve

That longs to know the grace

The peace that is like a vibrant

Truth, reflecting the wonder

Inside those who feel His touch

On every dream, each moment,

All the feelings that are felt

By hearts who melt with this relationship

This never ending feeling that stirs up

Hearts and souls with God’s love

His sacred scriptures inspire

The heart to believe, the soul

To conceive of all that is loving

All the joy and wonder, the light

That shines through the heart

Beckoning to those who need Him

Yearn for His kindness, His grace

The beauty of His wonderful face

With His blessing of pure love

There comes a beauty that sparkles

With delicate dreams and sweetest

Peace – serenity that sings of faith

That is alive inside, like a psalm

Of the soul, guarding the holy hands

Who embrace His spirit like a friend

His scriptures, words to live by

Inspire, reassure and awaken hearts

To the kindness of a Savior

Who died for us, knowing from the start

That some would reject His grace

The love that abounds with this faith

In the One who died and rose again

Giving every soul a chance to be saved

His scriptures are the answer

To doubts and dread and darkness

They abound with precious blessings

Pure joy, peace and the wisdom

To reach out to the One who gave us

A second chance, a new life, mercy

And grace that relieves all our strife

His scriptures reveal His love

If we only believe in His word

We can have everything worthwhile

A new heart, a new hope, a new life

Someday, a home in the sky…

With the One who gave up His life

That we can know the wonder

Of His grace and love, His deliverance!

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