Holy Spirit

I want to know you better

Your light falling over my thoughts

Piercing the quiet darkness

That shadows my feelings, my heart

I want to feel your love pour out

In the silence of a still night

Coloring my soul in dreams fulfilled

By your guiding light, your insight

The wonder of your gentle flow

Of love so wonderful it breathes

A glow reflecting upon my feelings

I want to see you reach out to me

With a hand who created the world

Silence the darkness’ whispers

With kindness that captures hope

On the sunshine moments when I

Remember the love that fills me up

I want to understand your wonders

The freedoms you give to my spirit

The rise and fall of the sea’s waves

The whisper of a smile so fulfilling

Like music to brighten the winds

With soft sighs and miracles who believe

You are the risen Savior, the One

Who I praise with my every word

The King who makes my life worthwhile

I want to recognize your blessings

Being rained down from the heavens

Like a nourishing shower of compassion

Stirring the flames of kindness and praise

The music of a psalm which will calm

Every worry, each doubt, all the grief

That yearns to torture me with shame

Burden my mind with a fog of blame

I want to realize how far you’ve brought me

From the wretchedness of a lost thought

To the joy of unending hope, a silent prayer

Spoken on the soul of this love for Him who knows

Me like no other ever could, with a knowledge of

All that is bad and all that is good, every thought

That I have you know and comprehend, like a friend

Who is alive in my heart where your love flows

With its peace and hope, its tender warmth

Love that is gracious and grateful, so very thankful

For the One who lives in my heart, forever a part

Of my dreams, my feelings, my ideas – fulfilling

Without you, my Jesus, I’m not living

With you, I breathe this sense of giving

That fills me up with your Holy Spirit

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