Holy Spirit Fire

Holy Spirit, dancing fire…

Quiet my heart, blaze through my life

Igniting flames of hope, flames of joy

Flames of exhilaration, flames of grace

Flames of inspiration to fill up my soul

With the amazing wonder that is Your

Spark glowing through my life, burning

Paths of expectations, promises, faith

Born of a Holy Fire, dancing a waltz

Of sacred love raining down from higher

Above where God sits on His throne

Holy Spirit, painting my entire world…

With breathless rays of pleasure,

Rising up from the joy of knowing

God is inside my soul, restoring my dreams

Reassuring my desires, exciting a fire

Penetrating yearnings for more of the love

That is more glorious than I can describe

More beautiful and wise than any kindness

It is a love that is alive, like the rays of

A Son who knows our hearts, minds and souls

Provides us with forgiveness for our sins

Shows us the way to belief that is filled with

Second chances, renewal and grace that prays

For spiritual completion, God’s redemption

Holy Spirit, fire of my heart…

Pour out Your joy through my entire life

Make me into someone who understands

Someone who listens to all Your wisdom

With comprehension who knows Your counsel

Is better than any guidance I will ever have

Your suggestions are alive with passion

And overflowing with boundless grace

Peace that knows no darkness or dread

Kindness that is more brilliant and sensitive

Than the sparkling stardust delights

Of a gentle, starry night filled with moonlight

Holy Spirit, fervor of my soul…

Whisper Your compassion through my thoughts

Fill me up with kindheartedness, gentleness

Peace that surpasses all understanding

A melody that is like a psalm from the scriptures

Prudent and patient, promising a Savior

Who brings deliverance from the shadows

Of sorrow, pain and disappointment

All the things that are stalked through the darkness

Where dread and despair destroy the light

Shining bright from the heart of One

Who knows our hearts and our thoughts, our all

Loves us beyond our wildest imaginings

With a love that is sure, saving, sincere

Love that has no conditions, no fears

Love that is the answer to every prayer

Love that is from a spirit who comes to us

Lives in us, brightening our lives, breathing

His Holy Spirit fire into our souls!

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