I'll Follow Him

There is a love that is like no other

Love so alive it colors the life

In light, in fire, in the music of smiles

It is wise, beautiful and warm

Filled with such wonder, like the Son

Who knows that we are His gifts

From a Father who is pure love

There is hope that is vibrant and strong

Hope that is untainted by worry or strife

It is like laughter, lingering in delight

It fills the heart with kindness, inspiring

Splendor beyond dreams, loveliness

That the Lord brings with His grace

There is faith that is genuine, authentic

Faith that sings of wisdom and understanding

It fills the mind with insight into the soul

Knows the meaning of mercy, blessing and prayer

It baptizes the soul in joy that always knows

He is alive, a light, a fire blazing in the heart

Who knows that His faith rages out of control

There is the One who makes a way for us

Where no way has been known,

On the path that leads to life with Him

In a heavenly home…

Listen to the heart who reveals Jesus to the soul

There you will find a love that only God can bestow

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