I've Learned

I’ve learned, over time

That I’m weak

My strength, I’ve found

Comes from the God

Who kindles flames of hope,

Faith and love inside me

I’ve hurt, sometimes

More than I care to admit

With pain so dark

It colors my dreams

In a dreary black

I’ve struggled, many times

With doubt, fear and disillusionment

Dread that shadows my heart

With feelings of quiet confusion

I’ve heard, from scriptures

That this is the time to listen

Whispering a prayer to Him

Who silences all the worst angst

And gentles the way toward

Joy that shines its light into

The path of those who know

God is alive – stirring on the inside

All the love that a heart can hold

I’ve yearned for a second chance

When I couldn’t find my way

And I’ve sought a brighter day

When rain kept pouring down

I’ve thought I’d lost everything

When, in truth, He was always there

Only a promise away, waiting

For the words I would say

When I bent my knee to pray

I’ve learned, through trial and error

That when I seek Him with my whole heart

He comes alive like the sincerest hope

Gives me grace to awaken my soul

To the breath of eternal glory, praise

That brings life to the heart of the child

Who knows they are God breathed

Heaven sent – Jesus’ gift to His Father

Who gave Him the power to save

Today, forever and always – eternally!

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