In Silence

Sighing, gales vibrate, release the dance

Between avid oak in crimson hues -

Delicate golds, amber and carroty red

Maples delicate muse, autumn stillness, hush

Erasing the summer, quieting…

The sunlight whispers raining down

In silence, pretty secrets

Perfect reminiscences

Whispering, gentle breeze, reflecting the shadows

Brought to life, silhouettes breathless, echoing

Peace inspired by the embrace of vibrant colors

Inspirations so alive, thriving in pulsating lights

Saying a quick goodbye to the past

Where still, cool waters smile liquid laughter

Stirring the promises entwined

Knit together like prayers

Prayed by hearts

Who know that this season, harvest time, autumn

Brings wisdom, insights into the wonders murmured

Like endless pleas for the kindness, the creativity

His hand brings to the world He crafted from naught

Spoken into existence by His voice, His utterance

Expressions of beautiful, awakened

To the miracle of creation, the design

Brought to life by His light

The wonder of His thought

Because I know Him, my Savior, my Maker

Autumn feels like the imagination adorned

With blushing tones of compassion, charity

Sensitive words lasting in pages, scriptures

Portraying the riches of His splendor – His mystery

The answer to every prayer lies there

Amid the verses, the poetry and promise

Like falling leaves, in silence

His love abides, grace inspired…

By the One I know as real love, real hope, real life

Savior of the world – redeemer of the heart and soul

Deliverer of the spirit who looks to Him and believes

In a love that is alive and can only be received

By those who know Him intimately, trusting

His gift of grace – His book’s answers

His forever in heaven

His eternity, the blessing

Freedom, forgiveness…

A reason to listen – in silence,

To His guidance!

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