In The Sky

I look up in the sky

Snowy clouds passing by

I think of Him, my Lord

The joy of my heart and world

The hope that gives me peace

The wonder of my soul’s grace

I look up at the clouds

Floating, silvery silhouettes

Reminding me that He will appear

One day – someday, when I can’t say

He will emerge in the glimmering light

Where His spirit reassures the contrite

That love will survive the test of time

His glory can be seen – He’s alive

Appearing in the heavens to gather

Together all the ones who love Him

With a love that is inspired in glory!

I look up in the heavens, where

The rapture will reveal His acceptance

Those who love and believe Him, receive Him

As their Savior, their Redeemer, their deliverer

Will find the answer to every prayer, the relief

For every fear, every tear, every doubt

Grief that might have felt like it would always

Bring so much sorrow and despair, darkness

Will be comforted, consoled, eased by the One

Who made a way – through every heartache

I look up in the sky and see the clouds

Passing by, and I rejoice because I know

Someday, someway – He will come, shining

Brighter than the sun, more beautiful than love

His light will be the wonder of wonders,

The grace that fulfills all the words in red

The words that said – He is the Savior,

He is the way, the truth, the life – He heals

And He silences all the worry that brings strife

I look up – and there in the sky

Know He will appear – someday, someway

And I pray that it will happen shortly, soon

So that I can be with Him – The answer

To my every prayer – the breath of hope

The moment I will know – the touch of real love!

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