It Is Finished

No one knows how it feels

To be perfect, to be without sin

No one knows how it is to be faultless

Flawless, the finished work

God is still working on each of us

He isn’t finished… we are not complete

When we are whole, without imperfections

We’ll be there with Him, in a home called heaven,

So sweet that homecoming will be!

No one knows what it means

To be perfect, to be impeccable

No one knows how it feels to be exactly

What He made us to be, entirely whole, exact..,

Totally unspoiled, blameless and sinless

God is working on our hearts and souls

Filling up our holes with light that pours forth

When we smile, when we cry, when we try

Light that like liquid hope, raining down through us

When we need to share our love, our gifts, our dreams

Everything that stirs up the wonder and peace

That God has inspired within our souls, our spirits

No one knows what it means to be perfect

No one who has ever lived has experienced this feeling

Except for the One He gave us to be the sacrifice for sin,

The Savior, the man, the king, Jesus Christ…

The reason I love and live and give, the reason I am…

Certain that this light pouring from my spirit

Is a light that began when Jesus Himself turned on the spigot

Warming my heart, filling my soul and showing the world

That His love is forevermore. His love is an open door

His love is the reason I know… Perfection is a word

Only Jesus can truly know or understand or represent

Only Jesus knows the meaning of completion

Only He could say the words, “It is finished”!

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