Jesus Himself

The sweetness of a babbling brook

Whispering softly, gentle

Over smooth stones, nuggets

Rounded and curved

By so many years of running water

Tenderly caressing each rock

With a quiet dowsing of liquid

Thanks for the home

Nestled in the bend of woods

A forest of contentment

Peaceful and blessed

Like a prayer being spoken

In chattering acceptance

Of God’s beautiful creation

The woodsy moment, in shadows

Breathless with affection

Graceful like the swirling waters

Warm like the morning,

Lemony sunlight piercing the skies

With heartfelt murmurs

Silent light shining with life

Expressions of hope, reflecting

The moments of wonder

Appealing to the heart and soul

In waves of kindness, roaring

Into the mind, soothing praise

In a voice of birdsong and winds

Erasing all the darkness

Pouring out faith into the core

Of the spirit’s yearning

For more of God’s restful vision

Alive in the one who knows Him

The way, the truth, the life

The answer to all pain and strife

The One who colors life

In hope and faith, love that is…

Jesus Himself

Arise from the mountains

Speak out from the shores

God, in all His mystery,

Arouses each heart to know

His captivating blessing

Mesmerizing the spirit

Sending out echoes of serenity

Into the heart who believes

He is the light of hope…

Arising like dawn, graceful

A peace that surpasses all

Understanding… it trembles

With its ability to give me….

Jesus Himself

The reason I feel so very blessed

The reason I love from my depths

The reason I know He is with me

Living inside, guiding my spirit!

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